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Epta Asia Pacific takes part for the first time in HOFEX, the most important biennial Food&Hospitality event in Asia, scheduled from 7 to 10 May in Hong Kong, with a stand that will star the Misa and Iarp brands (Hall 1E-Stand 214). In 32 years of history, HOFEX has established itself as the leading Asian fair for HO.RE.CA operators, attracting 39,000 operators in 2017 and recording a large increase in visitors from Southern China, Taiwan, Macao, Korea and the Philippines. 


The event will be the opportunity to present the latest innovations of the two Epta brands dedicated to the Asian market. Iarp will illustrate the products of the Iarp Cool Emotions family, a full range of plug-ins with a metropolitan and high tech style that sets itself apart for leds on the external profiles and is designed to contribute to creating establishments with coordinated aesthetics. Among the numerous solutions, HOFEX will star the negative temperature vertical Glee for packaged ice cream. The semi-vertical open Joy, ideal to enhance the beverages and the horizontal Delight cabinet, created for lovers of soft and creamy gelato and ice cream, are worthy of attention. On show, at HOFEX, will also be the ice cream tub Passion and the top Amaze, to ideally complete the Iarp Cool Emotions family. Specifically designed for the Asian world, these plug-ins can be matched to create a combination cabinet: an ingenious solution, which positions the second cabinet on top of the first, to take full advantage of the space and increase display ratio. 


The New York vending machine will also be on display, the flagship of the Iarp City Collection dedicated to the sale of ice cream, which stuns for its captivating design with the profile of the homonymous city on the sides. Finally, like all Iarp solutions, New York features the possibility of extreme customisation of aesthetics, thanks to the digital print directly on the sheet metal. 


The stand is completed by the Misa KLM cold room, a concentrate of convenience and flexibility, based on the combination of two factors: the infinite achievable configurations and the simplicity of assembly guarantee optimisation of space and fast installation in any kind of environment. Maximum functionality, without neglecting best food safety. KLM is equipped with the innovative anti-bacterial Epta Food Defence system, which, thanks to silver ion technology, prevents, combats and eliminates numerous species of bacteria to provide total protection, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. 



Epta Asia Pacific participated in Food & Hotel Asia 2018 on 24-27 April at the Suntec Singapore (stand H6K1-01)! An opportunity to discover the novelties from its brands Costan, Bonnet Névé, Eurocryor, Misa and Iarp that were designed to improve the business of its customers operating in the Food&Bev, Ho.Re.Ca. and Retail sectors in the Asian market.
This trade fair is held every two years and aims to be a meeting place and point of exchange for international professionals. It comprises six events Bakery & Pastry, Food Asia, Hospitality Style Asia, Hospitality Technology, Hotel Asia and Speciality Coffee & Tea, making it the most complete event in the Food & Hospitality segment in Asia, thanks to the wide selection of products and services.
Epta Asia Pacific attended Hotel Asia, to present an extensive offer dedicated to the Asian market, which is focused on refrigerated solutions able to combine design, a green spirit and the highest level of attention to food safety.
The systems on display included Passion Iarp, a plug-in cabinet for ice cream, with high-tech forms and exclusive blue profiles. The cabinet is the ideal complement for the Cool Emotion Range, and is designed to satisfy the flexibility requirements of all premises and improve the image of Food & Beverage and Ho.Re.Ca operators.
Melody/Glide Costan & Bonnet Névé also featured, the highly transparent cabinets for drawing attention to frozen products and incentivising impulse purchases in stores by creating original islands, with a back to back combination of plug-ins.
Also on display was the Misa cold rooms, technologically advanced solutions combining the highest food safety and high flexibility and functionality. Available in an infinite variety of configurations, they are designed to optimise spaces and be easy to install in any type of environment.


The experience and the know-how of Epta Philippines were rewarded by Robinsons Supermarket, the second most important Retailer in the Philippines during the annual Trade Partners Night, at the Crowne Plaza Gallery of Manila. The event, addressed to the best Robinsons partners, was held in the presence of almost 1,000 participants and saw Epta Philippines arrive among Robinsons’ Top Ten Suppliers for 2017 out of more than 100 competitors between suppliers and contractors of different categories.


The reasons behind this success include the high quality of the refrigerated solutions offered by Epta brands and its exclusive services, which have contributed to the creation and to the strengthening of the long-lasting business relationship between Epta Philippines and Robinsons Supermarket – traditional stores dedicated to family shopping – and Robinsons Selections - a new concept dedicated to a more sophisticated and urban clientele. Robinsons has also been able to benefit from the support of Epta Service, which has offered maintenance and after-sales services for turn-key installations throughout the Philippines for more than 15 years. It has recently been strengthened by Customer Service dedicated to this region. 



Epta is ready to take part as Gold Sponsor in the first edition of ATMOsphere China 2018, which will be held on 11th and 12th April in Beijing. A unique opportunity for the experts of the HVAC&R sector to share best practice and expertise, with a focus on the new opportunities open to natural refrigerants in the Asian markets. China, to respect the restrictions introduced by the Kigali Amendment, has recently begun phasing out R22 refrigerant ; trials of systems that are more energy efficient, and using low GWP refrigerants such as  CO2 system are underway.


John Austin-Davies, Marketing Project Director of Epta will take part in the event. He comments:”The Group, which has always been committed to manufacturing high-performing systems with a minimal environmental impact, has developed solutions and technologies able to respond effectively to the European F-gas regulation and to the conditions imposed by the Kigali Amendment." and continues "The transition of the Chinese market towards more sustainable refrigeration is a great opportunity for Epta to establish itself on this market as quality partner for , Food Retail Multiples, also in the Ho.Re.Ca. and Food&Beverage sectors”.


The exclusive FTE Full Transcritical Efficiency system, is one of the most innovative Epta products, with which the company paves the way to a new standard in natural CO2 refrigeration, and will be presented at ATMOsphere China. A simple system which is available worldwide on an industrial scale, that extends the current limits of transcritical technology, guarantees best performance in any climatic condition; typically an energy saving of 10% compared with a simple transcritical system and lower installation and maintenance costs.


Epta Asia participated with its Bonnet Névé, Misa and Iarp brands at Fine Food Australia, the country’s biggest trade fair devoted to the Food & Beverage and Ho.Re.Ca. sectors, which was held in Sidney from 11 to 14 September (stand HN10). An event conceived to celebrate the trends of the future and to present new concepts and technological innovations. Among the products that were presented the Iarp Cool Emotions Range, Iarp-branded Svaba promotional island and Stylix by Bonnet Névé stand out.
The protagonist was the Iarp Cool Emotions Range: JOY, GLEE and DELIGHT are incorporated group cabinets that stand out for their coordinated design with elegant forms, to make impulse buying irresistible in cafés and ice-cream shops. Specifically, the Joy 30 semi-verticals are ideal for the display of beverages, the Glee verticals are devoted to beverages and ice cream, and finally Delight is the scooping appliance for unpackaged ice cream. A strong point of the range is its extreme customization, ensured by the introduction of digital printing directly on sheet metal.
The Iarp-branded Svaba promotional island was also presented, in a trail-blazing release designed ad hoc for the Asia Pacific market. New technical characteristics have been added to the exclusive design that is already its hallmark: with its modern, spare lines, this plug-in combines quality, technology and outstanding performances. Finally, the utmost flexibility is ensured thanks to the “smart switch” function that makes it possible to pass from BT to TN mode and vice versa and to adapt to the needs of Ho.Re.Ca. operators at any time.
Among the new developments that it will be possible to discover at the stand are also Stylixby Bonnet Névé, an ultra-thin refrigerated plug-in table with patented ThinTech technology. The bold aesthetics, the result of hi-tech minimalism, combine with visual merchandising and functionalities for a surprising force of attraction. In detail, Stylix offers multiple configurations and is available in various models to respond to the necessities of every type of small sales outlet, from confectioneries to butchers’ shops. It is available in both self-service and assisted service, in both semi-vertical and steam-warmer versions.


Epta is preparing for one important event with the future of natural refrigerants as the Group will be the Gold sponsor of ATMOsphere Asia  in September.
This is acknowledged internationally as being the most influential event Europe and will represent an opportunity for meeting all of the operators of the HVAC&R sector, as well as Representatives of the Governments of numerous countries to discuss the latest technological targets and smart-green success stories. 
William Pagani, Group Marketing Director of Epta declares: “Guaranteeing for Retailers complete solutions, that are 100% natural and able to combine high performances, maximum energy saving and the best promotion of products is the challenge that commercial refrigeration has to overcome in order to establish itself as the “invisible and integrated partner”. Retailers need to continue to be competitive.” He added: “It is a challenge for the market, but an opportunity which Epta has been able to seize. The Group offers a wide range of CO2 solutions that were designed to surpass the current limitations of transcritical systems, sized for any store format and suitable for use in any climate. After its launch at Euroshop 2017, (ATMOsphere Asia) will be another chance to present the advantages of our exclusive transcritical CO2 FTE (Full transcritical Efficiency) - that is patent pending in Italy and Australia - which combines simplicity, reliability, availability on a large-scale and the highest performance levels, all over the world.”
Read the news dedicated to the FTE for more details


EPTAcademy is the training project developed in conjunction with the SDA Bocconi School of Management – the world’s sixth-ranking Business School in the Executive Education: Custom Programs category, according to the league table drafted by the Financial Times in 2016. It is a mid-to-long-term process focusing on management of the Epta Group, to increase the team’s managerial and leadership skills.
In detail, EPTAcademy involves two approaches: the Epta Leadership Program and Talent Development, respectively dedicated to more senior profiles and potential talent. The aim is to share academic best practices teamed with work on a business case devised purposely for Epta. The Academy will be a centre for skills which will be developed thanks to training sessions provided by SDA Bocconi lecturers and players from the international stage.
It is a strategic initiative aimed at tackling the challenges posed by the global refrigeration market. The Epta Leadership Program is divided into four (or 3+1) modules, and offers participants a strategic model geared towards leadership of markets and organisations within highly competitive global contexts. The Talent Development, on the other hand, is developed in five modules, each of which focuses on a primary role within a complex organisation.
Following the approach used in a condensed MBA, the programme sets out to give participants the chance to enhance their skills all-round in the various areas of the business process. It also aims to help them develop their talent, including the possibility of taking part in a group project task aimed at consolidating what they have learned.
Marco Nocivelli, President and Managing Director of the Epta Group, on the inauguration day of the EPTAcademy, declared: “Pursuing a strategy geared towards guaranteeing the Group’s success is a challenge constantly tackled by Epta, which views leadership of its Team as its most important competitive lever. In fact, people are the pillars our future must be built upon. As a result, I am pleased to present to you the EptAcademy project, developed in conjunction with SDA Bocconi. The course will boost the skills of the Team as key elements that will allow us to reach our ambitious growth targets.
To remain up-to-date on the latest news, follow the EptAcademy showcase page on Linkedin:


Epta SpA announces the acquisition of King Richard Shop System Inc., the Group’s longstanding distributor in the Philippines. King Richard Shop System Inc. is well known in the country for service & contracting in commercial refrigeration thanks to its twenty years of experience and a staff of over 100 people.
With this operation the Epta Group will expand its direct presence in East Asia, where it is already active in China, Thailand, Singapore and Malaysia. Epta is combining its know-how and expertise in the production and supply of technologically advanced systems with all-round service for both Retailers and the Food&Bev segment.
Marco Nocivelli, Chairman and CEO of Epta declares: “We are very proud to welcome to our Group all the staff of King Richard Shop System Inc. This operation is perfectly in line with the growth objectives through acquisitions that we set ourselves for the year to consolidate our presence in emerging countries, where we are growing in line with expectations.
Gennaro Gentile, General Manager of Epta Asia, concludes: “This in an opportunity for both parties which enables us to be more competitive together and emerge as one of the strongest player in the Philippines able to offer a complete service throughout the country. It is an acquisition that enhances our mutual know-how: the quality that characterises the cutting edge solutions of the Epta brands and the significant experience of King Richard Shop System Inc. in offering unrivalled pre and post sales assistance.
The agreement has been finalised and will become effective as of 1st July 2017.


Encounter the #EptaExperience on Epta's Asia Pacific stand at Thaifex - World of Food Asia, scheduled to take place between 31 May and 4 June in Bangkok.
This is the largest event for the ASEAN economic community of the Food&Beverage, technology and Retail sectors that will involve the participation of more than 45,000 visitors and 2,000 Companies from all over the world. Epta will be attending Thaifex, an important showcase for the operators of the food sector, with its brands Bonnet Névé, Eurocryor, Misa and Iarp that offer solutions dedicated to a constantly evolving market with high growth rates of approximately 11%.* (Hall CH1, stand RR-15).
In order to respond to the requirements of the F&B industry and the Retail sector in this region, that is increasingly focused on food safety and a better presentation of foodstuffs, Epta will be presenting some of its flagship solutions, that are the result of the exclusive #EptaExperience. This is the strategy with which the Group has restated its capacity to combine state-of-the-art technology, innovation and expertise in the tailor-made design of its brands systems in order to offer Customers in stores an original and engaging experience. 
The new product range includes the Joy semi-vertical plug-ins and the Delight scooping from the Iarp Emotions Range as well as the New York vending machine for ice-creams from the Iarp City Collection. These two ranges are characterised by a design with elegant and high-tech forms, that contribute to attracting the attention of consumers towards the products on display and incentivising impulse buying. An additional distinctive trait of the two lines is the huge possibility they offer in terms of the personalisation of layout, thanks to the new digital printing straight onto metal sheets.
To promote maximum energy efficiency combined with the use of natural refrigerants, Epta offers the EptaBlue CO2 solution that enables normal and low temperature cabinets and cold rooms to be equipped with an on-board refrigeration unit, to transform them from remote cabinets to plug-ins, by exploiting a water circuit. This solution is 100% natural and completely integrated with the store’s HVAC system that was designed by Epta to respond to the requirements of small and medium stores to limit energy consumption, reduce the installation complexity of refrigeration systems, while guaranteeing an excellent return on their investments.



Epta thanks all those who came visit its stand at Euroshop 2017, the largest Retail sector fair in the world which took place in Düsseldorf, where it presented all the latest products from its brands Costan, Bonnet Névé, George Barker, Eurocryor, Misa, Iarp and Knudsen Køling, as well as the exclusive Epta Service for post-sales assistance services.

The event was also an opportunity to confirm once again the Group’s capacity to combine the expertise, innovation and personalisation of the solutions presented by its brands, offering Customers an original and captivating store experience. The strategy is encapsulated in the claim “#EptaExperience is the way”.

William Pagani, Group Marketing Director for Epta, commented: “Epta positions itself on the market as a trustworthy partner able to offer Retailers complete solutions that set themselves apart through their reliability, high quality and cutting-edge technology, which thus establishes the centrality of Customers and the Group’s attention to satisfying their every requirement. We have always worked with the key players of the Retail Sector to revamp food areas, transforming them into spaces for interaction and discovery, where Consumers can experience unforgettable, enjoyable and gratifying moments, including from an aesthetic perspective” and he concluded “Our objective? To transform stores from Points of Sale to Points of Experience and transport Customers to a new emotional and engaging shopping dimension.”