Complete product range of Remote and Plug-In (Self-Contained) refrigerated cabinets

Epta Asia Pacific is a leading provider of the complete product range of Remote and Plug-In (Self-Contained) refrigerated cabinets for Retail, Food & Beverage and Ho.Re.Ca sectors in the region.


The retail market is evolving at a fast rate. Epta continuously develops innovative solutions to support retailers in response to the increase in new demands and technological trends, changes in consumer habits and strict international regulations all play a part in the current market scenario.

Fully utilizing our expertise and wide array of experience, we are ready to help retailers find solutions to meet the needs of their consumers by customising professional refrigerated display cases and cabinets, creating innovative designs that are suitable for any type of store

Supermarkets and hypermarkets

Epta’s range includes products and service solutions for retailers outfitting medium and large supermarkets: from planning the layout to designing the refrigeration system, down to producing refrigerated cabinets for all goods categories, whether fresh or frozen, including customised refrigerated display cases and cabinets.

Convenience stores

Epta offers solutions and equipment that meet all requirements, product range for this kind of stores in need of compact food cabinets which are sleek, high-performing and with a low environmental impact.

Specialist shops

Delis, butchers and specialist shop-in-shops: each has its own particular needs. Epta works with specialists to offer complete, high-quality solutions and optimised technologies which are tailored for different goods categories.


More than ever before, the ability to evolve is crucial for the success in the Food & Beverage market: businesses increasingly look for visual merchandising options that can make their brand stand out, whilst also stimulating impulse buys. At the same time, it is increasingly crucial to offer technologies for sustainable economic development, which supports digital evolution whilst affording new buying experiences.

Thanks to the expertise behind its specialised brands, Epta is able to supply food & beverage businesses its plug-in refrigerated cabinets, which offers an option for natural refrigerant with outstanding customisation and technology.

Bars and ice-cream parlours

Ice-cream is eaten all year round and is increasingly the protagonist of innovative formats such as flagship stores or single-brand shops. Iarp, the Epta Group’s specialist brand, offers a wide range of products designed specifically for this food type, with its refrigerated cabinets for bars and ice-cream parlours, and refrigerated display cases.


Epta offers solutions and products that meet the needs of professional Hospitality businesses: refrigerating equipment, including cold rooms,  which preserves and protects food perfectly, offering excellent performance and seamless display of the products. 


Excellent preservation and complete protection of foods: these are the demands large hotel chains make of the refrigeration sector.


Ultra-fresh which are perfectly preserved and displayed in an eye-catching way: these are the elements underpinning the range of products designed for the restaurant trade.

Catering and bars

Visual merchandising, ease of use and maintenance are key characteristics in catering and bar products.