Epta Central North Europe

A specialist in commercial refrigeration

A presence that extend across 11 nations in Central and Northern Europe       

Epta  is a multinational industrial group present in five continents. Our mission is to provide to the diverse needs of commercial refrigeration across different market segments.

We strive to understand and embrace the cultures of our consumers worldwide, fostering sustainable refrigeration technologies that not only address the present but also contribute value to customers on a global scale.

Within Central and North Europe, Epta's commercial refrigeration activities are concentrated in Germany, Poland, Czech Republic, Slovakia, Denmark, Finland, Sweden, Norway, and the Baltics. The business boasts a consolidated revenue exceeding 400 million euros and a workforce of over 1,600 employees, making us a significant player in the region.

As a one-stop-shop provider, we specialize in delivering energy-efficient and sustainable commercial refrigeration solutions for retailers, as well as the food and beverage market.

Our comprehensive range of services is grounded in innovative, eco-friendly practices. 

Epta is recognized as a leader in the supply, production, installation, and maintenance of cooling systems, supported by an extensive network of professionals throughout Europe.

Where we are located:


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We provide commercial refrigeration solutions throughout Germany serving customers by installing refrigeration products and services and maintaining them throughout their life cycle. We have several locations for the best possible coverage in the German market.

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We serve our customers by designing and installing refrigeration solutions and maintaining them throughout their life cycle in Finland.

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We offers refrigeration solutions and a full range of services including planning, installation, service, monitoring and maintenance for our customers in Sweden.

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We offer commercial refrigeration solutions and services for the Norwegian market, collaborating with an extensive network of service partners.


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We supply refrigeration solutions, high-quality products and provide service 24/7. We service air conditioning systems, refrigeration systems, drinking water coolers and ice machines - also with 24-hour service.

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We provides commercial refrigeration solutions and refrigeration services for the local market together with a large network of service partners in Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania

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We offer commercial refrigeration solutions and refrigeration services for the local market together with a network of service partners.

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Chzec and Slovakia


We provide services to retail stores and chains in the field of refrigeration in the Czech Republic and Slovakia.

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Each Epta's brand has its own individual story, combined with that of the Group it is now a part of. The defining elements of each Epta brand include best-in-class technological expertise and ongoing partnerships with the Group’s other brands in order to offer Retail, Food&Bev and Hospitality businesses a broad, complete and customised range of products that meet the needs of every type of store, wherever it is located around the world.