We are almost at Euroshop 2023, the largest international fair of the Retail sector, in Düsseldorf from 26 February to 2 March. Epta flies to Germany to present a preview of the key innovations of its Costan, Bonnet Neve, Eurocryor, Misa, Iarp and Kysor Warren brands, in addition to the turnkey projects branded EptaConcept, the equipment and the complete refrigeration systems of EptaTechnica and the renewed offer of after-sales assistance of EptaService (stand C24 AND C42, Pav. 15).


Innovation Reloaded. The Epta Sustainable System

“This year, the Epta stand becomes the tangible expression of its genetic code. comments William Pagani, CMO of Epta. The Group is ready to welcome visitors with the claim: Innovation Reloaded. The Epta Sustainable System, “A way of being, thinking and operating, which accompanies the Retailers in their ecological transition, managing the entire lifecycle of the stores with sustainable, efficient and quality solutions”.


A mission which takes shape in the invitation RESTORE YOUR FUTURE, which is expressed in 7 exhibition areas: REcharge, REdiscover, REthink, REset, REstyle, REdesign and REfresh


Best-in-class solutions

A stand dedicated to all-round sustainable innovation to define even higher and more ambitious standards in the commercial refrigeration sector, in terms of energy saving and environmental responsibility.


In detail, Euroshop will be the opportunity to present XTE (Extra Transcritical Efficiency), the new patent pending system, conceived to guarantee a highly efficient operation of the transcritical CO2 systems, even in extreme climatic conditions.


Fruit of the work of the Research and Development team, the XTE further expands the benefits obtained with ETE, making it efficient all year, even in mild and cold climates. Furthermore, during the fair, it will be possible to discover the best-in-class display refrigerators in terms of Energy Labelling, which ensure a performance which is much higher than the baseline. Furnishings in class A, B and C, certified Eurovent, which feature the vertical Tango Ultra & MultiFresh Perform and Valzer Ultra & Multifreeze Perform, of the Costan and Bonnet Névé brands.


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