Disabled employee in APAC

Disabled employee in APAC

Epta is strongly committed Internationally on environmental sustainability, on a culture of diversity & inclusion and completely compliance of governance by investing on Epta People development, international and internal career path, and all related initiatives.

With a deep respect for people and keeping faith with respect of the individual and equal opportunities, Epta is committed to provide equal employment opportunities for all employees, regardless of their gender, gender reassignment, sexual orientation, race, religious belief, political opinion, marital status, pregnancy or maternity, ethnicity, disability, age, or nationality.

We provide same opportunities for disabilities in APAC of EPTA and hire them in different countries.

In Epta Qingdao, Zhai Fengwen is a disabled employee who joined in Epta in Nov. 2018. Zhai Fengwen is a skillful welding operator with rich experience in Metal production process. His job responsibilities are assigned by his role and with the same amount of workload as other team members without any special treatment. His leg disability doesn’t make him lagged of other colleagues. Conversely, he works very hard and is continuously contributing his own ability and personal skills in daily work with high appreciation and recognition not only by the colleagues but also the company.

At Cha–Am plant, we hired 6 disabled employee (dumb, and deaf) who are working in Production and offer our company a competitive edge.

They have been solving their whole life problems and tend to bring a strong sense of loyalty to our company. We also discover untapped potential from people with disabilities. For example, they possess higher–than–average abilities in pattern recognition, good memory and contributed to higher productivity due to lower absenteeism, increased production efficiency, increased on-time delivery and increased customer loyalty.