Transformation of the Woodvale IGA store on Trappers Drive

IGA Woodvale

An impressive transformation of the π–π¨π¨ππ―πšπ₯𝐞 πˆπ†π€ store on Trappers Drive, Australia, offering an exceptional shopping experience.πŸ›’

Special thanks to AJ Baker & Sons Pty Ltd for doing a great job on this incredible project.

Bonnet NΓ©vΓ© refrigeration cabinets have been chosen to showcase an extensive range of products across various departments. Our refrigerated cabinets ensure that every item is meticulously stored and beautifully presented, guaranteeing freshness and quality.

As you step into the transformed store, you are greeted by the vertical Rock RockEco refrigerated display cases brimming with premium cuts of meat, fresh fruits, and vegetables. These sleek and modern display cases not only enhance the overall aesthetics but also maintain optimal temperature control for the perishable items. The Promotional Island features the plug-in Latitude refrigerated islands powered by propane refrigerant gas (R290), offering an array of ready-to-go meals. The semi-vertical Stone refrigerated display cases provide a delectable selection of ready-to-go meals, cheeses, deli meats, and drinks. We also feature SoundTopEnergy and Crystal freezers for frozen products to optimize floor space use. Pet owners can find a dedicated section for pet food in the vertical Crystal freezers and Rock refrigerated cabinets.

The installation is completed by the ECO2Large plant with CO2 transcritical FTE, a revolutionary system, able to ensure excellent performance, even in extreme climatic conditions. This refurbishment not only enhances the shopping experience but also highlights the store's commitment to sustainability.🌍